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She Can’t Motivate Herself.

She Can’t Motivate Herself.

“I haven’t written in awhile” She says like it makes a difference. 

“I guess I have just been busy…” Continually, she try’s to convince herself its for a reason and not just lack of motivation — or that annoying word people use nowadays ‘drive’. She has no drive, as if she’s going to put her foot to the peddle and smash through a book at 100km/h.

“Sometimes I question, should I bother? Or is all…

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Elements http://wp.me/s3m1FR-elements

Her eyes were drooping, sleep forcefully taking over.
But her mind kept ticking, rolling on like thunder.

Thoughts spiralled, whipping up the settled dust
They engulfed her, dragging her closer to the mental cusp.

She tried to shut them out, but her head kept quaking
splitting her temples in two,
the walls gave up their shaking.

Her heart joined in, raising panic in waves,
flushing over her…

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Winter Blues

(Blazer - Marcs, Skirt - Les Petits, Shirt - Husk, Boots - Paul Green, Bag - Vintage)

I love wearing silk shirts. They are easy and you can dress them up or down without too much hassle. I don’t often play around with textures and prints and although tweed is not technically a print, I thought Id give it a try. Result? I love!

I got this skirt in Lyon, the shop had so many to die for pieces I walked out with about 3 shopping bags… oops. 

Buddha Bar - FlashBack

If you reside within Europe you are probably all too familiar with this franchise, but as a kiwi it was well worth a write up.

I went to Buddha bar first in Monte Carlo to fill up on some of their specialty cocktails.
I didn’t get the full experience until heading to the one in Saint Germain, Paris. Although when in France you should be eating baguettes, cheese and snails I would highly recommend changing the base with some Asian inspired food from Buddha bar.

Not only is everything so delicious, the atmosphere is just next level – I may be a little bias (as an absolute lover of every thing Buddhist related) – but a two story golden Buddha certainly made my mouth drop.

This place is a little pricey, but well worth the money spent.

Love My Boyfriends

(Jeans - One Teaspoon ~ Top - Alice McCall ~ Shoes - Beau Coops)

I hate using the word ‘trend’ but I suppose you could say boyfriend jeans are very trendy. As here in kiwi-land we are officially in autumn, they are the perfect way to ease into covered legs for winter.

Despite the slouchy look, I don’t think there is anything sexier … plus they are possibly the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever owned. So much so I am plotting to buy the same pair in another colour. Why not? 

Monaco - FlashBack


(Image one: Walkway by the Palace - wearing Decjuba silk maxi dress, Country Road leather belt and Arlington Milne leather bag with Converse shoes ~ Image two: Hidden beaches along the coast ~ Image three: Private wharf  - one of the many places to see super yachts bigger than your house ~ Image four: Monte Carlo Casino step - wearing Ricochet sequin dress with Arlington Milne Clutch)

By far one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been too, Monaco really lives up to its lavish reputation. Picking the tourists, from the people who clearly were meant to be here, could be done in a glance. Determined not to be noticed as the latter, I made sure to leave the fanny pack and the map behind. Strutting around the streets of Monte Carlo like I owned the place – except my bank account was a few billion short of being a true part of this principality.

Mediterranean beaches, designer stores and roof top bars (Check out the Billionaires Club if your in town, incredible views, with a generous selection of champagnes to choose from) what more could you possibly want from a place? 

A silk dress and unfortunately a pair of converse – as on this particular trip these were the only shoes I bought with me – was my choice for daytime attire. ‘Effortless’ was the look I was going for, though the heat made that exceptionally difficult.

Come night we made sure to put our best foot forward, though I was still regrettably stuck with the converse shoes amongst glamazons in 6inch stiletto heels. Sequin mini dress from New Zealand designer Ricochet shown in front of Monte Carlo Casino (excuse the instagram snap, no cameras permitted in the Casino, which I may add is far more decadent than the Palace itself). 

Next time I’ll make sure I come prepared with a bigger suitcase.  

Eavesdrop Conspiracy

The cold, chrome chair that I uncomfortably placed myself onto, offered no relief from the tedious wait I anticipated. Three minutes late for the train. Now 40 minutes early for the next. IPod dead, book finished, nothing to do but wait.

I shut my eyes and listened to the sounds around me, they mainly consisted of people walking, people talking and the echo’s that followed. Useless jabber,…

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Noire http://wp.me/s3m1FR-noire

Recently graduated, or recently unemployed, regardless I found myself plunged into the disappointment of an uncertain future and an empty bank account.

With everyone I know returning to the grind, not only did I have no purpose, it seemed as if I had no one in the same situation.

For the third night in a row I lay on my bed looking at the celling on the verge of tears. The realisation that the…

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Stuck http://wp.me/s3m1FR-stuck

They fight like children, hidden under the veils of night time silence.
They don’t think. The urgent voices heard through the shelter of the dark.
Gripping at the last word as each defamatory leaves their lips.
Parted and close but never touching.
They part ways with earthquake steps,
Rigid beings, forced together but wanting to run.
To the hills, to the horizon, if only to grasp onto peace of…

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The Door

The Door

She was looking at him expectantly, eyes cast downward; her shadowy figure looming over what little height he had.

                  “Would you like some more dear?” Her melancholy voice hushed singsong words over his head.

                  “Yes please.” His response came instantly, as if it were predetermined.

 His face attempted to hold composure, stomach churning at the thought of forcing…

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Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger

The little girl stood there mesmerized. Her scruff of brown curly hair swayed with her small frame. She continued to look out the window, mouth agape and eyes wide. Her tiny hands gripped the wooden banisters, as if they were supporting her from whatever shocking vision she had just witnessed.

The mother, tall and slender, approached her from behind, lifting her up and placing her on her hip into…

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